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A patient’s need is well-qualified and dedicated oncologist doctor, respected leader in their field and will offer you the most up-to-date and innovative comprehensive cancer treatments.

Dr. Harshvardhan Atyeya is a top oncologist and cancer specialist at Lucknow. Medical Oncology/Hematology. Qualified from AIIMS, New Delhi.

Cancer is a complex disease which means it is influenced by environmental and lifestyle factors as well as genetic factors. Environmental exposures can include factors such as UV light, chemicals.

There are more than 100 types of cancer, including breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer. Cancer treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery as per Cancer specialist advice.

Our Approach

As a bitter fact increase of cancer pMedical oncologists are the key member of the multidisciplinary cancer care team and provide a comprehensive approach towards treatment and care for cancer patients. Their objective is to provide the safe and cost effective cancer medications while preserving the quality of life of cancer patients. The medical oncologist are essential and contributes in the most effective manner to integrate information at all levels.

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Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Lung cancer typically doesn't cause signs and symptoms in its earliest stages. Signs and symptoms of lung cancer may include, a new cough that doesn't go away, Changes in a chronic cough or "smoker's cough", Coughing up blood, even a small amount, Shortness of breath, Chest pain, Wheezing, Hoarseness, Losing weight without trying, Bone pain, Headache.


The single most important risk factor for the development of lung cancer is smoking
Signs and symptoms of lung cancer occur only when the disease is advance
Air Toxic after Diwali crackers causing severe toll also to be…

Dr. Harshvardhan Atreya

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The single most important risk factor for the development of lung cancer is smoking
Signs and symptoms of lung cancer occur only when the…

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